What is Legal Aid?

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There are four legal separate legal aid programs in Missouri.  Click the following link to see which legal aid program serves your county.

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Click on a logo below to go to a legal aid program's official website. You will be able to find more information on available services. 

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Everyone Benefits from Legal Aid

"Without Missouri’s legal aid programs, thousands of low- income Missourians each year would not have access to the courts. The programs handle Protective Order cases and Medicaid and SSI appeals in which the clients desperately need representation, when no other lawyers will take those cases. The legal aid attorneys not only give their clients access to the justice system, they make the system work more effectively."   

Honorable William Ray Price, Jr., Retired Chief Justice, The Supreme Court of Missouri

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Legal Aid Client Success Stories


Monica and her children are free from their abuser - they had Legal Aid on their side.

Monica and her husband, Art, had three children together. During their marriage, Art severely abused Monica by such acts as pulling her by her ankles off a couch, trying to push her out of a moving car while she was pregnant with their middle child, throwing a phone book at her face the night before she went into labor with that child, dragging her by her hair, pointing a gun at her, and pinning her against the kitchen sink while holding a knife.

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Legal Aid Services


There are numerous types of cases handled and services provided by legal aid programs in Missouri.  They include:


Assisting families from loss of their shelter through illegal eviction or foreclosures;


Obtaining Order of Protections for victims of spouse or child abuse;


Protecting individuals from illegal or unfair sales or trade practices;


Providing access to health care to those who would otherwise not have health care or insurance;


Representation in courts and administrative hearings;


Providing legal advice or referral information;


Assisting with community-based economic development; and


Providing legal education through community workshops, help-lines and written materials.


This is not a complete list.  To learn more about each program's specific services, go to the legal aid website that serves your county.