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Access Your Case Docket With Missouri Case.Net is your access to the Missouri state courts automated case management system. Through you are able to search case records including docket entries, parties, judgments and charges in public court. 


Legal Checkup For Veterans

Legal Checkup™ is a tool to help veterans identify legal needs and obtain straightforward actions and resources to help resolve legal issues. 




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"To improve access to justice in civil matters to the clients we serve through quality representation."

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Legal Aid Client Success Stories


Monica and her children are free from their abuser — they had Legal Aid on their side.


Monica and her husband, Art, had three children together. During their marriage, Art severely abused Monica by such acts as pulling her by her ankles off a couch, trying to push her out of a moving car while she was pregnant with their middle child, throwing a phone book at her face the night before she went into labor with that child, dragging her by her hair, pointing a gun at her, and pinning her against the kitchen sink while holding a knife. 



A Client Donation to Legal Aid


As the new year (2018) begins, we want to share with you a holiday card we received from Sam, one of our elderly legal aid clients.





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We receive the majority of our financial support from public funding.  However, this is not enough to help the vast numbers of families and individuals that need our help. Due to the lack of adequate public funding, we must literally turn away thousands of Missourians each year that desperately need our help.