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If you think you are near to foreclosure on your house, you can take steps to avoid the foreclosure.  The Missouri Bar has published a brochure with valuable information for you.  Click on the document below to open the brochure.
By Paul Adler Published: Nov. 17, 2021
The Legal Services of Eastern Missouri (LSEM) maintains informational materials on their website regarding the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention's anti-eviction moratorium order.  For more information go to:  
Owning a home is a key part of the American dream. Unfortunately, if you have a disability, you may find it harder to afford to buy and retrofit a home to accommodate your needs. That’s because if you are unable to work or if you face significant medical expenses, you might not be able to qualify for a traditional mortgage or provide a 20% down payment.
Missouri's Landlord Tenant Law - The Rights and Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants.  This is a publication from the Missouri Attorney General's Office. If you click on the above link, you will be leaving this website.
Finding a safe and affordable place to rent takes time.  Below are some important factors to consider:  PLANNING AHEAD 
What Is a Lease?
What is a Security Deposit?  A security deposit is a payment required by a landlord from a tenant.  It is paid to cover the possible expense of any repairs which the landlord may have make after a tenant moves out for damages to the rental unit greater than normal “wear and tear." 
What Rights and Duties do Landlords and Tenants Have?