Missouri Legal Aid By the Numbers

The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) provides funding to each state’s legal aid program(s) to provide legal aid to eligible clients. In return, every legal aid program must provide a report to LSC concerning their service delivery numbers and operational expenses in "Grantee Activity Reports" at the end of each year. Theses reports are for a period of January to December.

LSC, annually, publishes a document “LSC by the Numbers” that provides a summary of these reports from LSC’s 132 grantees for the calendar year. Data cover grantee revenue and expenditures, client demographics and services, and information about Private Attorney Involvement (PAI) in legal services, and staffing statistics.  Within this report you will be able to view the combined services and expenditures of the four legal aid programs in Missouri.

To view or download the latest report simply click on the link below.

Note  - Missouri statistics are found on pages 10, 22, 42, 49, 50, 52, 58, and 61.

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