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You can find important information about Missouri's Food Stamp Program or SNAP  (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) by clicking on the PDF file below.  Information included in the brochure includes how to appy and you can view eligibility reuirements.
If you’ve held a 9-5 job, you’ve likely heard of social security. This federal program serves as a sort-of savings account that older Americans can tap into to provide income for their retirement. While most people associate social security with retirement benefits, it also provides disability benefits and support for family members who lose a spouse or parent. 
COLUMBIA, MO - A mid-Missouri lawyer on Friday said you should seek help right away if you don't understand any of the forms you receive concerning Medicaid benefits.  
What is a Social Security Representative Payee and how are they chosen?  Justice in Aging -  - Published May 2016 Introduction
Child Care Assistance Program in Missouri - printer friendly view.
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