Expert says prompt responses key to maintaining Medicaid benefits

COLUMBIA, MO - A mid-Missouri lawyer on Friday said you should seek help right away if you don't understand any of the forms you receive concerning Medicaid benefits.


Ed Kolkebeck handles Medicaid and Affordable Care Act questions for Mid-Missouri Legal Services, which provides free legal help to those in need. He said most of his clients simply need help understanding what the Department of Social Services is asking for. Common documentation for Medicaid and other social-aid programs include income verification and various asset documents, so he said you should have those on hand.


Kolkebeck said most Medicaid-related forms come in the mail, so you should check yours regularly. He said there often is only a limited time to reply and deadlines are fairly strict. If you move, he said you should give your new address to any social service agencies you work with right away.


If you have any questions regarding Medicaid or other paperwork, Kolkebeck said there are several agencies that can help you. He said his organization handles a variety of civil law issues including landlord-tenant law and family law in addition to Medicaid access. He also suggested using Cover Missouri's help locator, which maps social-service agencies near your zip code.


Kolkebeck said if you're not sure whether you qualify for Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program or similar programs, go ahead and apply. According to MO HealthNet, some services are available to a family of 4 making up to $94,000 a year. You can apply online as well as sending in a paper application.


13KRCG, by Garrett Bergquist

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