Legal Services Corporation (LSC) Awards COVID-19 Relief Grants

In April, LSC awarded the $50 million it received in the CARES Act to legal services providers who are helping low-income clients facing job loss, evictions, domestic violence and other problems stemming from the pandemic.

LSC awarded $2.4 million for Telework Capacity Grants to 126 of its grantees. This funding will support new equipment, services and related expenses needed for legal services organizations to improve or expand telework capabilities to better serve low-income populations. LSC is also providing technical assistance to many grantees to enhance their ability to work and provide services remotely. In Missouri the four legal aid programs received a total of $758, 479.59. The funds were distributed as follows:

1.  Legal Aid of Western Missouri                $256,113.00

2.  Legal Aid of Eastern Missouri                 $234,402.13

3.  Mid-Missouri Legal Services                   $  59,153.24

4.  Legal Services of Southern Missouri      $208,791.22

“We are grateful that Congress has recognized that COVID-19 is dramatically increasing the life-altering civil legal needs faced by low income Americans and that legal aid can make a meaningful difference in addressing those needs,” said LSC President Ron Flagg. “The dramatic spike in legal needs caused by COVID-19 coupled with precipitous declines in state and local funding underscore the need for additional emergency federal funding for legal aid.”

Posted: June 3, 2020