The "Clean Slate" Expungement Clinic - Springfield, MO

The "Clean Slate" Expungement Clinic - Springfield, Missouri

For decades, a single non-violent conviction often meant a life sentence as a convicted felon. This led to denials of employment and housing, an inability to hunt or even become a scout leader. On January 1, 2018, a new law went into effect greatly expanding the ability for people previously convicted of nonviolent, low-level offenses to seal the public record of those offenses and get a fresh start.   This includes: drug charges and property crimes, low-level stealing offenses, some misdemeanors, and even some felonies. Please note, this does not apply to federal offenses.  

The Legal Services of Southern Missouri and the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Foundation have teamed up to provide the Clean Slate Clinic.  This clinic will explain how the new law works and who it can help.  Participants will be given the opportunity to sign up for free representation through Legal Services of Southern Missouri and the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Foundation.

For more information you can contact the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association at 417.831.2783 or you may go to their web page to register at SMBA

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