LSC Receives $25 Million Spending Boost from Congress

WASHINGTON – The $1.3 trillion spending package passed by Congress this week and signed by the President today includes an increase of $25 million for the Legal Services Corporation (LSC). LSC is the nation’s single largest funder of civil legal aid for low-income Americans.

The legislation allocates $410 million for LSC, an increase of $25 million from its funding level for the past two fiscal years and its highest appropriation since 2010.

“We are very grateful to Congress for recognizing that the Legal Services Corporation promotes the most fundamental of American values – equal justice under law,” said LSC President James J. Sandman. “The additional funding Congress has provided will allow more victims of domestic violence to obtain protection orders, more veterans to access the benefits they have earned, and more tenants to avoid unlawful evictions.”

LSC distributes more than 93% of its funding to 133 independent legal aid organizations serving every county in every state and the territories. These legal aid offices provide critical constituent services to low-income Americans. More than 60% of all cases closed by LSC grantees involve family law and housing matters. The vast majority—$376 million—of LSC’s $410 million budget will go to basic field grants to these organizations.

“Congress’s action reflects broad bipartisan support for LSC’s mission of helping to ensure equal access to justice,” said LSC Board Chair John G. Levi. “No American should be disadvantaged by the inability to navigate the country’s legal system. I want to thank the Congress for this vote of confidence for the important work LSC has being doing for the past 44 years.”

The House passed the legislation on Thursday, voting 256-167. The Senate passed the bill 65-32, funding the government through September 30.

Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is an independent nonprofit established by Congress in 1974 to provide financial support for civil legal aid to low-income Americans. The Corporation currently provides funding to 133 independent nonprofit legal aid programs in every state, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories.




Posted: March 25, 2018