A Client Donation to Legal Aid

The handmade card arrived with a $5 donation because Sam felt everyone could "use a little something extra for the holidays."  Imagine that--a $5 donation from a 75-year-old client living month-to-month on nothing but a small, limited income!


Every now and then we receive a donation from a client. This isn't easy for them--our clients struggle to make ends meet. When one takes the time and makes such a sacrifice for our efforts, we can't help but feel extra grateful. Of course, the combination of Sam's handmade card and the $5 gift was especially moving to us.


Please consider making donation to a legal aid program in Missouri, so we can be more effective at helping people in need--people like Sam. See the “Donate Today!” article on the “Home” page to learn how you can donate to your local legal aid program.


Your support really does make a difference!