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Safe, secure affordable housing is a basic human need, as well as a critical component of family stability and community success.


Legal Aid of Westerni Missouri (LAWMO) housing advocates provide a broad array of legal services, focusing primarily on public housing and Section 8 housing. Our housing counselors regularly provide advice or representation to help our clients avoid wrongful evictions and improper rent calculations. Landlord/tenant disputes and uninhabitable housing conditions are other legal challenges facing our clients.  We also assist people who are disabled with accessibility issues, and we help other clients with disputes over eligibility for public and subsidized housing.


Tenant Legal Help Clinic


LAWMO hosts a weekly Tenant Legal Help Clinic at the downtown Jackson County Courthouse. Legal Aid and volunteer attorneys are at the Courthouse every Thursday afternoon. 


At the clinic, attorneys meet with low-income residential tenants who are being evicted by their landlords. Most tenants who appear for their hearing are unrepresented and unable to speak with an attorney, while almost every landlord has an attorney.  Clinic attorneys provide tenants with information regarding their rights as tenants, evidence the tenant needs to keep their housing, and what the tenant can expect in the courtroom.  The clinic provides LAWMO with a unique opportunity to reach out to tenants in the Kansas City community and provide them with knowledge needed to fight for more housing security. 


Information provided by LAWMO February 2019.


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