Why Training is the best defence against cybrsecurity and data threats


‘Why training is the best defense against cybersecurity and data threats’

Cybercrime is one of the most prominent threats facing businesses today. It’s often thought that criminals are only out to target the biggest corporations, but any business – no matter how large or small – is vulnerable. 

With so many other things on your mind as a business owner or manager, it’s easy to let cybersecurity slip down your list of priorities. However, doing nothing to mitigate the threats will leave your employees and entire organization at greater risk. Not only can a cyber-attack harm you financially, but it can also do irreparable reputational damage that can force companies to cease their operations. 

Staff training is one of the most important ways to safeguard your business against the threat posed by hackers and cyber criminals. Rather than being seen as a box-ticking exercise, cybersecurity training should be an ongoing commitment, since cyber criminals are continually becoming more sophisticated and developing more advanced ways to breach your defenses. 

From the simplest advice like updating passwords, to more holistic security measures, this guide from Thomas Murray covers everything you need to know about cybersecurity training in the workplace. This helpful resource also includes plenty of interesting statistics that paint a picture of how prevalent cybercrime is in the modern world of work. 

Training is often the best form of defense, so don’t put off addressing this important aspect of workplace security any longer.

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