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This is an informational  brochure on how to settle your credit card debt.  This information is distributed by the Federal Trade Commission.   Click on the PDF file below to view and/or print.
Debt Collection Abuse Debt Collection FAQs: A Guide for Consumers
Are you having problems with a debt collector? Have you been sued on a debt? Is there a judgment against you?  
This is an Office of the Attorney General publication: Consumer Protection
What is Identity Theft?   
Posted January 2006. If you do not pay your debts, your creditors might try to force you to pay them. A debt collector might call you or send you letters demanding that you pay the debt. Or your creditor might sue you.   If You Are Sued in Court for a Debt Consult a lawyer immediately! You may qualify for a Legal Aid attorney.  
The Missouri Bar discusses buying a home, buying on credit and tenant rights in their handbook.   To review this manual in pdf format, click on the link below:    
  You can print and keep this pamphlet with a pencil and paper and your insurance card in your car.   Stop At The Scene
The Missouri Bar has published the "Missouri Small Claims Court Handbook" through the Missouri Young Lawyers' Section.  The information will be of great assistance if you are planning on representing yourself in a small claims court. To view the handbook, click on the link below:
How to Avoid Losing Your Home in a Mortgage Foreclosure Missouri your mortgage company does not have to file a lawsuit in court to foreclose. It only has to send you one letter by certified mail notifying you of the date your home will be sold. Then it can foreclose, whether or not you receive the certified mail letter.