Juvenile Law

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The Missouri Bar has developed a publication specially prepared as an introduction to your rights and responsibilities as an adult citizen of the United States. There is no manual that tells you everything you need to know once you become an adult in the eyes of Missouri law. However, this publication will answer basic questions in several areas that will affect your everyday life in Missouri. It can be alarming the day you turn 18. We want you to be as fully informed as possible. Please click on the pdf link below to view the publication.
You are considered an adult in Missouri at 18 years of age.  Under 18 you are considered a minor.  What is the law in Missouri concerning the emancipation of a minor?  Learn when and how minors are treated as adults in Missouri.  Click on the following link:  FindLaw You will be redirected to the FindLaw website.  You may return by clicking on the arrow on the upper left of your computer screen.  
When abuse or neglect is suspected, children can be taken into custody and placed in emergency placement until a meeting and court hearing can be held. LSSM has prepared a document that will assist in your understanding of the juvenile court sysytem.  Click on the document below for additional information.
The Missouri Bar has published a brochure that provides valuable information concerning juveniles and the law in Missouri.  This brochure is available by clicking on the pdf document below.