Legal Aid of Western Missouri - Do You Know Mrs. Carson?

As we approach the holiday season and are reminded of the many gifts we’ve received, We ask that you consider a gift to LAWMO.

Think about it — if you are trying to secure veterans’ benefits which you’ve earned but been denied, protect yourself from an abusive partner, or fight off an unlawful foreclosure, you need civil legal help. But not everyone can afford an attorney.

Let us introduce you to Mrs. Carson…

Mrs. Carson is 77 years old and probably quite like someone you know. She is very involved with her church — and she loves to knit. Mrs. Carson also has cancer.

Mrs. Carson contacted LAWMO after she was served with a summons in a credit card collection case. She was scheduled for cancer surgery the following week. She was afraid that she would return from the hospital and her mobile home would be taken away from her because of this debt.

Mrs. Carson told her LAWMO attorney that her son and daughter-in-law had stolen her credit card while she was hospitalized the previous year.

They made many charges totaling in the thousands of dollars. Mrs. Carson tried to report her son to the police and the credit card company at the time of the theft, but no one was willing to prosecute or waive the charges. Mrs. Carson was unable to pay the high credit card bills on her limited Social Security income and her account was ultimately sent to collections.

The LAWMO attorney reviewed the lawsuit and entered her appearance on Mrs. Carson’s behalf. This allowed Mrs. Carson to have her surgery without worrying about the case while in the hospital. The attorney then provided evidence to the plaintiff’s counsel and persuaded them to dismiss the case. Mrs. Carson was able to have the cancer surgery and recover in peace. 

Without your support, she might have lost her home.

Today, she is safe, warm — and knitting scarves for her church bazaar.  

As you know, equal access to justice doesn’t just make some of the difference for our neighbors in need. It makes all the difference.  

Many families experience 1-3 civil legal problems each year. And those legal problems create huge barriers to life’s necessities — necessities like housing, health care, food, and freedom from violence.

LAWMO staff work hard. However, we can’t reach everyone. Because of funding and staffing limitations, we turn away more than half of the applicants who qualify for our free legal services.

But like you, we believe no one should lose their home, their health care, or their income because they can’t pay for a lawyer.

That’s why LAWMO's goal is to raise $100,000 by December 31st. This will allow us to accept an additional 300+ clients in 2020!

And we need your help to make it happen. Would you be willing to make a year-end gift to help us meet our goal? (300 additional clients in 2020!)

Together, we can get access to justice to even more people — people just like Mrs. Carson.  

Please carefully consider making a donation today. We can’t do it without you!

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday season,

The LAWMO Staff

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Posted: November 26, 2019