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The purpose of this website is to provide individuals in need of legal aid access to the legal aid program in their area of the state.  In some instances access to an online application is available. 

This site provides access to legal informational articles published by our staff and volunteers of the four legal aid programs.  Also, this site provides links to other websites with legal informational articles and forms concerning various laws in Missouri.  If you are directed to one of these websites, you will be notified in the article summary that you are leaving our website.  To return to our website simply press the back arrow button on the upper left of your computer screen.

This website is provided and supported through the efforts of the four legal aid programs in Missouri.  Each legal aid program is a separate and independent non profit 501 (c) 3 corporation that receives its primary funding from the Legal Services Corporation (LSC).  Each legal aid program has a website where you may obtain more information about the  program’s services and how to access their services.  The four legal aid programs in Missouri include:   Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, Legal Aid of Western Missouri, Legal Services of Southern Missouri, and Mid-Missouri Legal Services. (See the attachment at the bottom of this page for a printable map in Adobe format showing each program's name and service area)

We do not provide any legal advice by e-mail.  If you have other questions or comments concerning this site, please e-mail them to




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